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  Home > About Ma Indira Devi > Dadaji's Poem on Ma's Birthday

D a d a j i ' s   P o e m   O n
M a ' s   B i r t h d a y

She dwells not in the far-off sky,
   But in the heart's each breath resides;

From age to age in dust and din
   As nectar and song she still abides.

Earth's ancient thirst to slake she's born
   As Mira's soul again and again,

And teaches through her love - how, vowed
   To love, we can Dream's peak attain.

Forgetting all fatigue and pain
   And, serving all, she would reveal

The One whose Grace alone brings Dawn
   Life's atheist darkness to repeal.

Indira is her name, whose pure
   Heart He colours in His own hue,

So, outspraying His love's own light through her
   Sweet love our night she may subdue.

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